Sunday, July 24, 2011

I finished!!!

I finished!!!! I finished!!!! I finished!!!!

This morning was the triathlon and I crossed the finish line! After swimming in the ocean, biking and then running, I was so proud of myself! I have put my body through 3 surgeries (the mastectomy being pretty major) and tested my body’s limits in ways I never would have imagined myself doing. I honestly cannot believe that I just did what I did!

I am tired from not getting much sleep due to excitement and nervousness and getting up at 4-something this morning. And I feel pretty exhausted body-wise from, well, doing a triathlon! So, I truly appreciate the support you all have given me and I promise I will post again very soon updating how everything went today and I still will give the details I promised on my first open water swim experience too.

Until next time, here’s to accomplishing goals, seeing something through to the end (even if it’s tough) and silicone (which floats, bikes and runs!)! :)